there is a woman at work that literally makes me want to pull my hair. it is safe to say that i hold the strongest animosity towards this woman. I help people out around the office and dabble in a little bit of everything but my MAIN job is the VA - the only reason why i help with anything else is because sometimes we’re at a stand still.So whenever I help you out - it’s because i WANT to do it, it does NOT give you permission to sit random files on my desk to do that is part of YOUR job. you are my coworker, NOT my boss. 
it is NOT my fault that you’re 2 months behind on your billing and reports - you’ve been working here FOREVER and should know how to manage your time more wisely. from now on i am and always will be too busy to help you. you’ve ruined your privileges. 

i will be cordial to you, i will smile and ask how your doing, but just know that on the inside, i am hating you.


another night, crying myself to sleep. alone.

i don’t know what else to do, first i need to let down my walls and then once they’re completely gone, it’s too much.

you keep telling me things will change an i’ve yet to see you actually do anything to change them.
you just want to relax, i didn’t know relaxing meant alone and without being with me.
i’m only glad i went to have dinner at your moms with you or I wouldn’t have spent more and a minute with you.
sorry for actually loving being near you and with you.
sorry for being too open and sorry for caring too much.
i’ve finally learned now what i have to do.
all the progress we’ve made, it’s now gone.
for every wall i’ve torn down, two will take it’s place.

i should’ve known better.
this is what i get when i let myself be vulnerable.
it only ends in pain.

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We’re stuck in this endless cycle, & we may never get out.

im so beyond ready to get married.. 
my patients are wearing thin, i just want to throw something quick, small, and intimate together with just close family and a handful of friends and get married in 2 weeks. - 
we have a date picked out for next year, but i think i really just want to have something more intimate and special. nothing too expensive. and just perfect.
reason being that i just don’t know why all this planning and giant heaps of money spending has to be done for something when i’d be happy with just something small and spontaneous, instead of planned and drawn out.

idk. these are just my thoughts. 
would love to just be able to call him mine forever already.
i think we more than deserve it. 


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shes is oddly beautiful.

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Blue Tit (by Dan Kitwood)

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i miss how simple it was to write down how you felt here.. 
life’s been so busy it seems so hard to catch up.
needless to say i’m more than ready to get the show on the road for the wedding. we finally have a venue and now all there is to it is to get the little details. i hate being so damn impatient. its one major think i wish i could change about myself.  
new jobs great, family is great, friends are great- life is just great. 
i’m feeling more than blessed with what i’ve been given and the fact that i might not see or talk to someone every day or that it’s been awhile since we seen each other and its like no time has past at all-
now that is true friendship.

now for an easier question at hand, what to be for halloween?? hmmm.


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